January 31, 2013

Mutton Street urf Chor Bazaar

Earlier we saw the treasures of Chor Bazaar..
The antique.. vintage.. Old..fake.. n New
The wooden, metal, ceramic n glass
The lamps, clocks, bells, toys n masks

But now lets see the Vintage of all - The Streets of Bombay... Chor Bazaar visit is incomplete if you don't wander the streets.. The unending labyrinth of Mutton Street, Nal market, Samuel Street and all.

Its a completely different world with houses packed on top of each other like in a game of cards. Being first timer you can easily get lost here.. ask any local and you will be guided well.

But in my experience its better to get lost here because that is the only way you will find that secret hidden quaint shop in the corner. It would be like a secret door to a treasure which opens in a secret space once in a lifetime. No matter how hard you try you will never find it again - its as if it never existed. Nobody even knew it was there.

So here the streets of Chor Bazaar.. on the occasion of Eid. Its empty and quiet as it slumbers the Sunday noon but as the Sun sets the same drab old crumbly houses light up, people pour out, food sizzles and smells, laughter and buzz surround you. But in all this hulla baloo you will find a peace more pure than anywhere else.

Children enjoy the empty streets even though two men catch a nap at the back. Something really cosy about a Sunny winter noon.


Vijay Nair said...

Do visit Jumma bazar also... and area around Mughal masjid.... u'll find there best hokkah...a store called al baba has gt more than 400 variety of hookahs (i m sure they hs gt more than wht i quoted above)...n moreover just beside Ali Baba u'll get best irani chai...if u come bk on main street again...ull find noor mohammadi.... try chicken hakimi someday.... errrr I started again... its hard to resist from writing n talking bout mohammed ali road n its surroundings..... well nice post Neha...keep it up.....

Neha Gupta said...

wow... thanks so much.. I think my lil knowledge of bombay is diminished against ur vast one. I have been planning to go to Muhammad Ali road forever especially during Eid. I am adding all your recommendations on my list and visiting soon. On second thoughts why don't u start a Mumbai Culture Walk.. I will definately join in.

Moni Phukan said...
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