January 16, 2013

Mask Bazaar

Again I take you to Chor Bazaar and this time to prove how Bombay is a city of Masks. Not really just literally...
Lets start with the most Masked character in mythology, history and bollywood. Yes The Dashmukh Raavan. It is the most grand and intriguing character - genius, learned, proud, evil, powerful, pervert, egoist, angry.... A person who lived 1000s of years ago who has been reinterpreted and rehashed by each visionary or storyteller. Who was he really? Here to his enigmatic personality.

Have you wondered why Masks were such an integral part of ancient mythology and tribes whether it was Hindu, Aztecs, Incans or Mayans. I only realised the significance of the Masks after I read 'The Lord of the Flies'. The character in the book felt liberated from shame and self-consciousness once he hid behind the face paint. This gives you the sense of power and in control, when no one can judge you or see the real you.
So masks are not only about beauty and culture. They are about power and liberation. I wonder if all ancient interpretation of Gods were actually masks worn by humans to deifying them as bigger and all mighty.
The Snake God - Vasuki

Classic Tibetan Mask
You would have seen them everywhere. In fact Tibetan culture is rich with Masks forming a part of all their traditions, dressing, decorations and celebrations.

 Brass Interpretation of Rakshasa
and the wooden one
but he hardly looks scary with those bulging eyes and cute moustache  
Monkey Mask
The King
the Jester
I don't know why I liked this one..
A common boy with hollow eyes and probably dentured teeth
So inncoent but something very scary about it..
Probably thats what Masks do
Intimidate others but protect you..
Is that why we all wear masks
some times
all the time!!


maverickbird.com said...

I love your blog.Keep up the great work.

Neha Gupta said...

Hey thx Maverick, for stopping by and the compliment.

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