January 9, 2013

Chor Bazaari

Chor Bazaar - Flea market - swap meet is a type of bazaar where inexpensive or secondhand goods are sold or bartered. In Australian English, they are called trash and treasure markets, trash and trivia or (more commonly) swap meets. In the Philippine English, the word is tiangge, believed to be a loanword from the Hokkien spoken by Chinese Filipino migrants, or possibly from Nahuatl tianguis via Mexican Spanish. In India it is known as "Gurjari" or "Shrukawadi Bazzar" or even as "Juna Bazzar". (Source:Wikipedia)

Flea Markets in India are referred as 'Chor Bazaar'. All metro cities have their own set of Chor Bazaar - Mumbai and Delhi have them named so, whereas other cities if not called Chor Bazaar are similar in context. They are typically known for their randomness - as in you get everything second hand or stolen. Some shopkeepers actually sell new goods in garb of antiques by creating layers of dust, rust or rugged look. The main philosophy behind them is - to each to its own. You will find a lot of trash in there - but they say - one man's trash is another man's treasure.

Today I show you glimpses of Chor Bazaar of Mumbai. For any lay man they are just pieces of trash, but you need to have an eye for that perfect piece for that corner in your house. All online blogs are full of shopping victories of people from such flea markets. If you think about it your most favorite piece would be bought from some flea corner in a hidden nook which you suddenly discovered. You knew you wanted it 'no matter what' and of course it turned out to be a LOOT - pun intended. Something to carry your shopping from Chor Bazaar.. The luggage bags and boxes are so classy so one can only imagine the treasure inside...  
Ceramic wall plate collection. Glass house with each wall depecting a particular color glass collection of different lamps and jars - green, blue, red and white

Brass Shop - kettle, chain, horn, bells and all rusty and jingly

Toy cars and buses of the olden times.. My oh my, cho cute  

Antique furniture..ofcourse
old dressing mirrors, bombay fornicators, ancient mahagony cupboards... and all wooden vintage 

Clock shop with ancient and new collection of marine, wall and alarm clocks

Doesn't this lion remind you of the lion of St. Mark - symbol of Venice - its such a grand piece. Sadly Mumbai houses are too small to make such a big statement.  

The one thing I love about flea markets is that there is something for everyone, you just need to have an eye for it...


Vijay Nair said...

Trust me, I ran through all d words which were referring to Mumbai's charm and local delights... Liked a lot. thought to msg u but dint find any link... you r doing great job... and keep updating... glad to visit your page Neha... keep refreashing and do write back if you get time...

Neha Gupta said...

Thanks Vijay for your words of encouragement. Really love the feeling that my blog is being liked and accepted. I shall keep updating it and you keep visiting.

Also my email id neha.august@gmail.com and I will put it up there.

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