December 11, 2012

Well Stepped

बावड़ बावली बरव વાવ

Step well is a well where you need to descend steps to reach water. They are definitely in their own league of architectural beauty compared to simplistic water tanks or pulley wells. These are mainly found in Western India in states like Delhi, Rajasthan and Gujrat – which is where we visited the glorious Adalaj Stepwell or Adalaj Ni Vav. It was a bright sunny day and the Sun played hide and seek with the walls and pillars throwing a beautiful play of shadows, shapes and patterns everywhere.

As we descended the steps the air became cooler and the ambience echoed. The carved windows, pillars, dome and walls glorified the great historical architecture and art. I could not help but wonder how core the Step well must have been to the life of the people in earlier times – travelers stopping for rest on their journey, village elders gathering for their important discussions, children playing, laughing and swimming in the pool, women walking with their terracotta matkis, bubble and giggle sounds as the matki is immersed in water breaking the silence and echoes across the walls.

A truly Incredible India...

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