December 7, 2012

Mangaldas Ni Haveli

Corridors, Courtyards and Colors

Mangaldas ni Haveli made from carved Burma teak wood is estimated to be over 200 years old. It originally belonged to a Nagar Brahmin family and was bought by the Mangaldas family in 2006 who restored it with help from the heritage cell of AMC. Being a restored heritage place it showcases the heritage, culture, history of the place in the most classy way. Our Heritage Walk with House of MG started with a grand tour of Mangaldas ni Haveli situated at the center of old Ahmedabad.

The open windows run across the front of the house with Sun streaming over the beautiful wood carvings, floral motifs and mosaics floors on the terrace. The traditional architecture and restoration complete each other creating an elegant yet homely environment. The secret nooks and corners, rainwater tank and visually playful mirrors whisper the silent stories and history of the place.
Definitely a Rendezvous to remember and cherish.

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