December 4, 2012

Ek Chidiya Anek Chidiya aur ek Chabootra

Ahmedabad is definately a city of POLES.. and here I am not talking about the housing colonies of Pols. But the tall poles holding Bird houses - Chabootra...

They were created by people to provide a small place for birds to stay as they lost their forests and homes to a growing city. What started as an act of compensation to nature has now become a trdition. Wherever I went in Ahmedabad there were fascinating poles of wood, iron and marble. They had a roof, food and water for birds to rest, eat and drink in the blazing heat.

This small effort on part of people to protect and care for the beautiful birds goes a long way to add to the beauty of life and the city with all sorts of birds flocking there without fear. I must say I appreciate this.. Even though birds keep settling for man made antennas elsewhere.


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