November 18, 2012

A-Fair in Prague

Summers in Europe is synonymous with Fairs. You will see the people coming out in large numbers to enjoy the Sun's warmth.. And no better and more happening place than the Old Town courtyard.
With audience there is bound to be food, recreation, shopping and entertainment. Here are some glimpses of the Prague Old Town Fair which we were lucky to witness and enjoy.
Definately an affair to remember...
The music and the musicians
The buns in the oven
The sugar donuts n onions
The metal kitsch n klink
The horse, the carriage and the lady rider
The weaver n the work...


Shweta Dave said...

Can't agree more Neha, that's the only time when you get sun. But this year summer atleast in Switzerland is all rain. Very very nice pictures.

Neha said...

Thanks Shweta, I just love sun, and European summers are like winter sunny days of India. I haven't been to Switzerland but would love to.

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