July 15, 2011

Panchgani - Where's the POINT?

Enter the realm of Panchgani - where we visited in May to beat the heat of Mumbai

This is the lovely HUT we stayed at. It was lovely just at the nook of the valley with awesome classy wood work.. But that's not all - it was so windy the night we went there that the canvas roof kept going
whoop whoop whoop all night.
It was exciting and disturbing too... but the weather and wind was something to check out!!

These are the pics of a lovely fountain in the center of the garden from two different angles and shades.. and I can't choose which one is better..

Can you decide!!

As you know my obsession with benches so here is another one but most classy with the creepers and greenery on the roof.. Adorable isn't it...

and this is the view next to the Hut just like a Mediterranean Lagoon..
Do you still think we were at Panchgani!!!

But how can I complete the visit to Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar without a look at the famous POINTS giving you spectacular views of the valleys.
Though the place we stayed had the best view and we shouldn't have ventured elsewhere.
But still a view is a view.. no matter where!!

So the only POINT to go to Panchgani is the POINT ;)

View from Clark and Kate's Point..
Doesn't the name remind you of Superman??

Now this one was a view down the Pratap Garh Fort on our way back from Panchgani...
Scary right!!
It sure was and was put to such use by throwing the Traitors from here..
there is no chance of any survival.. or cremation

Finally leaving you with these wild creepers..
I love creepers a lot because they are simple, pretty and survivors!!

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