April 18, 2011

Mumbai ka KALAGHODA: An Inkspiration

Recently Mumbai saw its one of the biggest crafts mela - The Kalaghoda festival, where the famous and the not so famous art lovers come together to celebrate the colors of Mumbai!! So here are gilmpses of the lovely bright colors of Kalaghoda!!
No one can ever forget Kalaghoda with this ever prevelant art work on the walla of a building in the vicinity!!

brighting the colors with filtering sunlight

the world at the doorstep held by cute puppets
Well this is just the beginning of Ghoda art!! Hundreds of car pictures on a Ghoda - is it irony or dichotomy.. nothing just simply art!!

an art tree with gulucose dips.. hmm
earlier we used to see nature in art.. with plants, hills, rivers and landscapes
and now we see nature as suffering and dieing!!
Come on guys bring in some positivity why do u have to show negativity.
We can do debate it is for the Warning Message and Awareness campaign!!
But not amidst so much beauty!!
some colorful tile work and colored glass... I know I will be a spoil sport by saying this but .... whisper.. whsiper...
<<these are too expensive here and you would get it cheaper in the crawford or chorr bazaar market just 30 mins away>>
whisper.. whisper... <<not these of course but they are probably charging same rates as Fab India which is just next door>>

Ok my personal faviorites are above magnetic cartoon clips... and this is not only because I have a great fetish for toys and handicrafts... but because they were so adorably cute!!
I picked up one of these puppets (guess which one) .. supposedly a great tool for teaching movement games to kids.. well i don know about that but it adds to my puppet collection!!

this is that memory game where you have to identify where is teh particular card is places amongst the growp of upturned cards.. I can play this games online whenever I want but nothing can beat the charm of playing with cards with images of Ramayana characters - Ram, Kumbhakaran and Dashratha here...

some lovely conical  hats in bright colors adorn the passages

the mirror work round lights in a sequence - adds the glamor and drama to any place!!

Various arrangements of Tube lights
and here I found lovely caricatures done on Mumbai traffic.. reminds me of Cafe Mondegar... i love this art form it being both hippier and happier!!
and finally a collage which I liked because of its strong but simple message becoming the inspiration of this blog -


Hope said...

Good to see you back in this space.
Thats quite an eclectic collection of photographs you have posted.Seems you enjoyed yourself quite a lot.The lovely and vibrant photos are a testament to that. They convey an underlying good mood and enthusiasm. I wish I could have been there.
Thanks for sharing.

Neha said...

Thanks Hope.. you come here and we would go art spree in Bombay

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